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Tell me about it. Say hello to ThinkingVoice, the smart choice for clear, enterprise-class VOIP and full IP PBX capability. Connect smartphones, softphones, desktop handsets, videophones, and speakerphones.

Polycom VVX 600

Polycom VVX 600

Cloud telephony is here and thousands of enterprises are already taking advantage of the expanded functionality and cost savings inherent in moving IP PBX services to the cloud. Put an end to expensive and proprietary on-premises IP PBX equipment. By leveraging our resilient cloud infrastructure and Quality of Service (QoS) engineered network, ThinkingVoice lets you focus on communicating with your team and customers to grow your business. Now your organization can stay lean without any heavy lifting—or communications budget creep.

All under one roof. Connect users throughout your global enterprise—at corporate headquarters, regional sites, or branch offices. In customer contact centers. On the road. In home offices. Wherever your users are located, intelligent call routing ensures your workforce is ThinkingVoice connected at all times.

Quality of Service-enabled. Our service delivery model employs enhanced QoS engineering at each network segment between the end user and our distributed cloud-based service data centers. QoS guarantees that real-time communications traffic—such as high quality voice and video—gets priority over other types of data traffic for superior service quality and performance.

Redundant. ThinkingVoice is powered by our innovative, geographically load balanced, multi-data center “mesh,” which provides customers 99.999% uptime and business continuity without the large upfront capital purchase and maintenance investments required for on-premises systems.

Full PBX functionality. Without the hardware headaches. Enable your entire distributed and increasingly mobile workforce to access advanced features such as find-me/follow me, advanced conference calling, call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, Web-based management, reporting, and so much more.

Scale voice service up…or down. We don’t believe in charging for more than you need. With our pay-as-you-grow subscription service, you can supercharge your PBX features and functionality at your own pace. Because ThinkingVoice is a cloud-based service, it is easy and cost-effective to deploy. We take care of the technology investments and maintenance so you can deploy critical IT resources to more strategic technology initiatives.

Application integration for unified communications. ThinkingVoice is no one-hit wonder. It’s part of ThinkingSuite, a comprehensive collection of smart applications built on a single cloud platform for truly integrated unified communications.


ThinkingVoice leverages a resilient cloud infrastructure and Quality of Service (QoS) engineered network to deliver the best enterprise-class IP PBX voice service available. All for a fraction of the cost of legacy premises-based systems.

ThinkingVoice How it Works

Thinking Phone Networks’ innovative, multi-data center architecture

We use Voice over IP (VoIP) to connect smartphones, softphones, video phones, contact centers, and audio conferences to our managed ThinkingSuite PBX service. Our voice service is delivered via our highly redundant, multi-data center cloud infrastructure and offers the most advanced features and capabilities available, including voicemail, auto attendant, four-digit dialing, and more. An intuitive Web-based management interface allows your IT team to readily access account information. With ThinkingVoice, you can focus on your business—not on purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware systems.

End-to-end solution. ThinkingVoice differs from expensive premises-based systems and other hosted offerings by providing:

  • An end-to-end QoS-enabled network for high voice quality
  • Voice communications across modalities—desktop, mobile, softphone, contact center, and video
  • The main UC application conduit to improved communications, collaboration, and workflows
  • Core IP PBX capability coupled with powerful management tools and actionable analytics capabilities to track activities and workflows and make process improvements

Low upfront costs. Because ThinkingVoice is a cloud-based service, we allow enterprises to realize significant cost savings and upgradability compared to premises systems. With Thinking Phone Networks, there is no costly hardware to purchase, manage, and maintain. Instead, we take care of the technology investments, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance, including moves, adds, and changes (MACs). Enterprises benefit from a high quality, robust, and scalable voice service.

Ideal for multi-site enterprises. We developed our cloud delivery infrastructure and ThinkingSuite UC software ecosystem specifically for multi-site enterprise organizations. Our backbone network is deployed in geographically-dispersed global data centers to provide robust response, high availability, redundancy, and security to support your distributed and mobile workforce.

With ThinkingVoice, enterprises can bring all office locations and knowledge workers together under one communications system, with no need to purchase separate systems for each office location or remote worker. One global, distributed, and mobile organization. One scalable cloud communications service to connect it all.



ThinkingVoice is the most complete IP PBX service available, with all the features and functionality critical to today’s enterprise voice communications.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers – Port existing numbers or assign numbers from a block of DIDs to each end user. Available throughout North America and more than 50 countries internationally.

Caller ID – Supports inbound/outbound Caller ID name and number and masking.

Simultaneous ring – Allows multiple destinations (smartphone, softphone, desktop phone) to ring simultaneously when calls are received on a single phone number.

Ring groups – Allows any group of handsets to be mapped to a given extension, DID, or auto-attendant option.

4-digit dialing – Unique 4-digit extension for every user. Internal 4-digit calling is free.

Global call transfer – Transfer calls to any internal or external number, at any location where ThinkingVoice is deployed (includes the ThinkingMobile application).

Saved call lists and redial – Call lists on individual handsets show calls placed, received, and missed.

E911 – Full support for E911 services from all handsets in case of emergency.

Out-of-service redirect – Automatically sends calls to a backup, out-of-service destination without the need for manual intervention.

Web-based configuration – Secure Web portal allows users to manage call forward settings, voicemail, handsets, extensions, user activation, and de-activation.

Music-on-hold – Recorded music heard by telephone callers placed on hold. Standard and custom options available.

Call forwarding – Allows users to forward calls to a DID number, smartphone, or other destination from a desktop or mobile handset, an outside telephone, a softphone, or the Web.

Handset and dial-by-name directory – Allows a caller to dial a person by entering a name from a touch-tone keypad.

3-way conferencing – Ad hoc conferencing allows end users to create conferences on the fly directly from their handsets.

Do not disturb – Automatically forwards calls to your voicemail when unavailable.

Find-me / Follow-me – Advanced call forwarding that allows inbound calls to be forwarded in sequence or at the same time to a list of numbers (“find me”) or to numbers based on a time schedule (“follow me”).

Voicemail-to-email – Allows voicemail message notifications and audio message files to be sent to users’ email inboxes and accessed.

Fully customizable auto attendant – No limit on the number of supported calls, levels, office branches or locations, voice prompts, or types of behavior that can be programmed. Multi-location customers can have a single unified auto attendant for all branch offices. Calls from the auto attendant can be delivered to any ThinkingVoice and ThinkingMobile connected end user.

SIP trunks and analog gateway – An existing IP-enabled PBX can be connected directly to the Thinking Phone Networks platform via SIP trunks. A legacy PBX can be connected via a gateway device to TDM interfaces, such as PRI or POTS.

Conference calling – Includes a full, no-reservation-required conference bridge service, accessed with either a local or toll-free number, supporting up to 100 participants.

Fax-to-email – Includes a fax-to-email service to deliver faxes as PDF attachments to users’ inboxes.


Thinking Phone Networks is helping enterprises evolve their communications capabilities to meet the realities of today’s increasingly global, mobile, social, visual, and distributed knowledge workforce. We believe the key to addressing these “new ways of work” is eliminating the historical islands of technology central to the legacy system deployment model.  Our ThinkingSuite software platform takes direct aim at this antiquated way of providing mission-critical communications and business applications.

We built ThinkingSuite as an open ecosystem. Inherent in its design is the ability to tightly integrate not only our own core communications applications – spanning voice, mobility, video, analytics, presence, contact center, conferencing, and messaging – but also third-party utilities important to driving business activities – CRM, ERP, etc. – via an expansive and expanding Web services API library. What’s more, we also integrate with applications specific to a company’s business – “home grown,” often proprietary software our customers have developed that is specific to their company, their processes, their business.

We are the Smart Choice in cloud UC. The most flexible choice. And the most integrated.

One open cloud platform. Countless integrated application possibilities.

One open cloud platform. Countless integrated application possibilities.


Thank you for your interest in Thinking Phones. For more than eight years, we’ve been helping enterprises deploy cloud services that enhance workforce communications and collaboration – all at lower costs.

We would love to walk you through an in-person or online demonstration of our capabilities. Please take a moment to answer a few simple questions and we’ll get back to you to schedule a day and time that is convenient.


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