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ThinkingMobile is available to customers in the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace.




Tell me about it. ThinkingMobile acts as a catalyst to assist enterprises in leveraging and enhancing UC value by extending the cloud-based ThinkingSuite ecosystem to mobile workforces. ThinkingMobile is a Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) solution that allows mobile users to access ThinkingSuite enterprise mobility applications from anywhere, on any device. Depend on ThinkingMobile as your Fixed Mobile Convergence solution.

Drive your BYOD strategy. Connect smartphone and tablet “bring your own device aka BYOD” personnel to the entire workforce. ThinkingMobile smartly supports iOS and Android mobile devices.

Visual voicemail. See a list of callers with convenient “green light” visual notification of messages.

Built-in smarts. Integration with other ThinkingSuite applications, including ThinkingCommunicator, which allows users to see which colleagues are available and by what means, and ThinkingAnalytics, which provides visibility into workforce activities and provides the data necessary to review, adjust, and enhance business processes.


ThinkingMobile with W-iFi

ThinkingMobile with Wi-Fi

With ThinkingMobile, users become ThinkingVoice IP PBX extensions, just like any wired handset. Ideal for mobile sales forces and other on-the-go knowledge workers such as service and support personnel, ThinkingMobile incorporates PBX-like functionality into iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, including 4-digit extension dialing, 3-way conferencing, global call transfer, find me/follow me, and more.

One number. Global access. A single phone number connects ThinkingMobile users with colleagues, customers, and partners. Outbound calls are routed through the ThinkingVoice IP PBX application. This allows called parties to see a single business phone number, thereby eliminating use of a personal cell phone number to complete business calls.

Cost savings. ThinkingMobile can greatly reduce the number of cellular minutes used per month, bringing significant cost savings. Users in Wi-Fi-connected areas access ThinkingVoice directly over the data network, bypassing all minute-based cell phone call charges. When Wi-Fi is not available, transparent callback can be enabled to minimize cell charges.

Key ThinkingMobile benefits:

  • iOS and Android smartphone and tablet support
  • Mobile integration of both critical IP PBX and other core cloud UC applications
  • Improved management visibility into mobile workforce activities, processes, and effectiveness via the integrated ThinkingAnalytics application
  • Seamless connectivity between fixed Wi-Fi/wireless communications networks (FMC)
One open cloud platform. Countless integrated application possibilities.

One open cloud platform. Countless integrated application possibilities.


ThinkingAnalytics dashboards provide cross-application workforce activity visibility

ThinkingAnalytics dashboards provide cross-application activity visibility

Integration with analytics provides a complete picture of employee-customer communications for enhanced sales and support management, improving the accuracy of sales personnel effectiveness and customer communications reporting.



Thank you for your interest in Thinking Phones. For more than eight years, we’ve been helping enterprises deploy cloud services that enhance workforce communications and collaboration – all at lower costs.

We would love to walk you through an in-person or online demonstration of our capabilities. Please take a moment to answer a few simple questions and we’ll get back to you to schedule a day and time that is convenient.


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