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Built-in smarts. ThinkingAnalytics is the only unified communications analytics application of its kind on the market, fully integrated into your unified communications efforts right from the start. Our powerful cloud-based business intelligence environment equips your business with the tools to capture, analyze and act on information about workforce performance, customer engagement and enterprise processes.

Screenshot of ThinkingAnalytics

ThinkingAnalytics Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard

See. Understand. Act. Aggregate data from across your organization and across communications and business applications—from the contact center to your mobile workforce. Create a dashboard driven picture that summarizes and correlates key, actionable intelligence from across your internal systems for competitive advantage.

Control resources and costs. Easily set up and maintain a business intelligence and analytics environment with our hosted UC analytics service in the cloud. Manage human latency by highlighting workforce and BYOD activity across all UC applications—voice, mobility, video, presence, contact center, and conferencing—from the front office to the back office to no office at all.

Monitor communications consumption. Critical for your communications-enabled business process (CEBP) environment. Cloud-based analytics integration leads enterprises from a device-centric view (desk phones, soft phone, mobile) to a user-centric view, redirecting focus to better understand consumption of communication applications and services.

Flexible reporting. Fine-tune operations on the fly as you analyze and exploit data against key performance indicators (KPIs) via dashboards, static reports and ad hoc reporting tools. Reports are pre-built or customized to move at your speed.

CRM integration. ThinkingAnalytics aggregates a common set of data from both core ThinkingSuite unified communications applications as well as third-party CRM applications such as and Microsoft Dynamics to provide a single vision of organizational health, operational processes, and customer interactions.


Unified Communications Contact Center

ThinkingAnalytics queue statistics

ThinkingAnalytics aggregates a common set of data from core ThinkingSuite unified communications applications as well as third-party business applications such as and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide a single vision of organizational health, operational processes, and customer interactions.

Guided analysis helps streamline cause-and-effect research to determine the root cause of issues and develop best practices behaviors to solve problems.


Unified Communications Analytics Dashboard

ThinkingAnalytics daily inbound-outbound communications activity dashboard

ThinkingAnalytics delivers cross-functional insights through pre-built reports and queries to commonly asked questions. Draw and correlate data into management tools, dashboards, and KPIs to monitor trends and drive improved business processes.

Dashboards. A collection of dashboards provides comprehensive views of inbound/outbound call activity, presence availability and connections graphs, or agent performance against select KPIs. Line graphs, bar graphs, and more let you view data your way.

Static reports. Sort and filter data with built-in reports for call center or sales staff performance. Monitor queues and generate reports to schedule your workforce and track agent productivity.

Ad hoc reports. Think different. Create and customize reports using a data-centric approach to fit your individual needs and requirements. Identify best practices and business processes to emulate or reform. Export results to a variety of formats including HTML, PDF, Excel, or CSV for easy presentation.


Integration with leading business applications, including and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, provides greater insight into the effectiveness of your operations. Enhance caller satisfaction and staff productivity while reducing call response times and duration. One click from within any report links you quickly to the customer contact information inside your CRM for further exploration.

ThinkingAnalytics integrates seamlessly with

ThinkingAnalytics integrates seamlessly with


Organizational Connection Flow UC Contact Center

Visual internal workforce connections map

Shine a light on big data for more accurate and relevant decision-making. Highly aggregated and summarized information allows you to understand how teams and overall business units are performing relative to established KPIs.





ThinkingAnalytics is standard equipment in the integrated ThinkingSuite unified communications ecosystem. This powerful module brings a complete cloud-based collection of advanced data and sophisticated reporting capabilities that exceed those offered by premise-based systems.

One open cloud platform. Countless integrated application possibilities.

One open cloud platform. Countless integrated application possibilities.


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