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Is Your UC Optimized? Analytics to the Rescue!

Is Your UC Optimized? Analytics to the Rescue

Unified communications is on the fast-track to ubiquity. Millions of employees around the world now use UC solutions regularly to interact and collaborate with their colleagues, and more businesses are embracing the technology every day.

But not every organization that has adopted UC is gaining maximum value. In fact, many companies are missing out on major opportunities. The reason? They have yet to embrace UC analytics. With analytics in place, a business can make sure its UC benefits go well beyond the basics.

ROI at Your Fingertips

Before a new UC system is even purchased, most companies have to deal with a huge hurdle – aligning IT’s desires with finance’s comfort zone. Many IT managers cite gaining their CFO’s approval to purchase new systems as one of their major pain points.

While techies understand the value the cloud brings, it can be challenging to translate the convenience, security, and simplicity of UC into dollar signs. Enter UC analytics.

All the Right Moves

As the name suggests, unified communications tools are designed to combine all communication channels into a single system. This provides major efficiency benefits and helps to read more

TPN Joins Forces with PGi for Enhanced Web Conferencing

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.09.56 AMExciting news this Tuesday morning! We have a new strategic alliance with PGi, a global leader in collaboration and software services for more than 20 years, that will integrate PGi’s award-winning iMeet web conferencing software with the TPN cloud platform.

“Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is changing the way enterprises collaborate, and we strongly believe that integrating PGi’s iMeet into our UCaaS platform will provide unprecedented value for our clients,” said Alex DiNunzio, Thinking Phone Networks’ Senior Product Manager. “Today’s businesses are searching for technologies that can replace their onsite collaboration solutions with cloud-based, full-featured applications that empower productivity and growth anywhere, anytime, on any device.”

“We are excited to work alongside an innovative partner like TPN to bring a collaborative advantage to more companies worldwide, and I am thrilled that we can help TPN round out its UCaaS portfolio,” said Ralph Hawkins, SVP of PGi Partner Channel. “By joining forces with TPN, PGi aligns with another cloud innovator to advance the future of business collaboration. iMeet’s innovative collaboration software and read more

Has the Channel Been Cloudwashed?

iStock_000022545309SmallThis article originally appeared on Talkin’ Cloud on August 14, 2014.

Considering the fact that every technology vendor these days has something it terms of a cloud offering, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the “true cloud” in many of them. The term “cloudwashing” comes to mind when trying to determine which cloud methodologies are real and which are simply rebranded attempts to put traditional software into a data center.

Most of the companies and vendors responsible for implementing software in enterprise or corporate IT environments—companies that many of us in the IT world refer to as value added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs)—are susceptible to this scam because they have been largely dependent on hardware and software manufacturers to create innovative technology, which they then deploy to customers. Since IT manufacturers today feel they are behind if they don’t have a cloud solution, many of them have tweaked their traditional software to be “virtual ready,” put it in a data center and proclaimed to the world that they have a cloud offering.

True Cloud is read more

Career in the Cloud: Provisioning Project Manager

Careers - Road SignAre you perpetually organizing everything around you? Almost annoyingly on the ball? Thinking Phone Networks is seeking a project manager to handle some of our largest and most complicated customers and ensure a successful transition from existing premises-based PBXs to the cloud.

In this position, you will be responsible for onboarding customers onto our cloud UC platform. You will guide them through the provisioning process, working closely with our team of technical experts to bring creative solutions to their problems. Our cloud software suite is a market leader in cloud-based unified communications and we are experiencing exponential growth. This role promises to be very challenging and will give you experience in the hottest technologies and industries in today’s market!

Responsibilities include:

  • Manage customers through the Thinking Phone Networks provisioning process
  • Work with customers to understand, document, and analyze their business requirements
  • Design and provision new customer configurations in the Thinking Phones platform using a web-based interface based on the customer requirements
  • Facilitate meetings and conference calls with key stakeholders to communicate project status, and obtain read more

VoIP Offers Big Business Benefits

VoIP Offers Big Business Benefits

Is your company using VoIP solutions? If the answer is no, you’re missing out. VoIP has experienced tremendous growth among businesses in the past few years, with firms in virtually every industry flocking to the technology.

And with good reason. As industry expert Jackson Weber recently highlighted for Voxilla, VoIP offers major benefits for businesses of all sizes.

New Capabilities

Obviously, communication is critical for businesses of every kind. If your employees can’t communicate with your clients, partners, and one another, your firm isn’t likely to last long.

VoIP enables companies to improve their communication across the board. The vast majority of VoIP offerings provide many more features than standard landline services. Key examples of these new capabilities include auto attendant, call forwarding options, find-me/follow me, hold music, waiting rooms, and simultaneous device ringing. These features, Weber explained, can make a business more organized and accessible to customers.

The Professional Sheen

One of the great benefits of implementing these and other VoIP features, according to Weber, is that they can make a business appear significantly more professional to consumers and decision makers.

This read more

Guarding the Galaxy with UC

Guarding the Galaxy with UC

Guarding the galaxy is hard. Especially when the guardians are comprised of a rag-tag crew of bandits and outlaws, one of whom is an anthropomorphic tree with a very limited vocabulary. For such a group to succeed, collaboration is key.

With all of that in mind, you have to assume the Guardians are big-time into unified communications. After all, UC tools are right up their alley.

Improvising to Save the Day

If there’s one thing the Guardians are experts at, it’s improvising. Need to escape prison? All Rocket needs are a few key parts, and maybe a prosthetic limb. Is someone lost in the vacuum of space? I’m sure Peter Quill will come up with something.

That’s why it’s a pretty safe bet that Peter, Rocket, and all the rest are regular UC users. UC tools are fantastic for improvising, thanks to their innate flexibility. With UC, you can keep a conversation running from one channel to the next, without any trouble. Start with a few emails, move to instant messaging, and finish up with a conference call. As circumstances change, so, too, can your main read more

Career in the Cloud: Business Development Managers, Multiple Locations

Careers - Road SignThinking Phone Networks is seeking rockstar business development managers in Southern California, Phoenix, New York, and the Midwest. Our BDMs are company ambassadors and brand champions who strive to be top of market in the UCaaS space.

Priorities include developing and executing sales objectives and strategies through the recruitment and support of third party agents and wholesale business partners; training and assisting business partners in products and services, pricing, and operational processes; prospecting aggressively to develop new business through networking, referrals, company lead generation, and cold calling; and traveling to call on existing and prospective customers with the purpose of sustaining and growing market share, promoting and selling company services, and executing in-depth sales strategies.

View all open positions.

The Internet of Things Will Drive New Enterprise Analytics

hand holding cloud iconsThe Internet of Things, or IoT, usually refers to the proliferation of sensors and other types of data collection devices that are networked so data can be automatically collected. A fitbit is a good example – you wear a small device that continuously collects location, steps, and activity levels and submits that data to the cloud. Once the data is in the cloud, analytics are used to answer higher level questions such as how fit you are and how close you are to your health goals.

It is predicted that there will be an explosion of these networked data collection devices, and that this capability will start being incorporated into everyday things like cars and appliances. Who will the net winners be as this trend plays out? The most obvious answer is the people who supply the sensors themselves. However, I believe this is likely to be a rapidly commoditized hardware business over time. Another winning group could be the vendors providing networking services for these devices – folks like ATT and Verizon. There are going to be read more

BYOD is the New Black

BYOD is the New Black

In the show “Orange is the New Black,” Piper Chapman is an upper class woman who, thanks to some questionable behavior earlier in her life, finds herself sentenced to several years in prison. As you might imagine, she’s less than thrilled at the prospect. Matters don’t improve much once she arrives and sees the conditions of the correctional facility. It’s safe to say that her sheltered life and exposure to pop culture did not prepare her for life on the inside.

But Isn’t This Story About BYOD?

It sure is! As you’re no doubt aware, the bring-your-own-device trend is rapidly picking up steam, factoring into an ever-increasing number of business communications solutions. Every day, more firms embrace BYOD plans, enabling their employees to leverage their personal smartphones and other gadgets for work-related purposes.

But others resist. Why? Well, largely because of fear of the unknown, and because of false impressions. Most IT decision-makers have company-owned policies ingrained in their DNA by this point – it’s all they’ve ever known. The idea of losing that degree of control over their companies’ communications technology is, simply put, read more

5 Things That Keep CIOs Up at Night


As the person in charge of a company’s IT infrastructure, a CIO has a lot on his or her plate. Ensuring safety, cutting costs, and managing the network on a day-to-day basis are all integral components to the job. But there are many other potential concerns that people who hold this title have to consider. Here’s a look at five of the top issues that make CIOs nervous.

1) One word: Budget

According to a 2013 survey from TechAmerica, CIOs are forced to do a lot with a little, as “more than 76% of IT spending goes to operations and maintenance (O&M) and infrastructure.” This hinders them from making investments in strategic innovation or even upgrading or replacing legacy systems to start. For the CIO, it has become a case of doing the best with the resources that he or she already has, rather than investing in new ones. It’s safe to predict that all CIOs are hoping the current trend changes.

2) Outsourcing

As this About.com article states, those entering the read more