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Video Conferencing: A Personal Touch From Far Away

Video conferencing: A personal touch from far away

One of the great things about video conferencing is its ability to foster and maintain relationships. There’s a reason why Skype, Facetime, and similar apps have become so popular — there’s really no substitute for face-to-face contact. Sure, phone calls can get information across, but they just don’t have that same degree of personal interaction. We are, in many ways, visual creatures.

Organizations are increasingly coming to appreciate the potential offered by these tools, investing in business-grade video conferencing solutions to help remote workers and traveling personnel keep in contact and engaged with the company. But relatively few firms have taken advantage of the fact that video conferencing can offer these same benefits when used in a business-to-business or business-to-customer capacity. With video conferencing, companies can deliver a personal touch to their clients, even from far away.

Case in Point

One great example of the potential of video conferencing for client relations can be found at the Texas-based law firm Brian Loncar & Associates, as highlighted on opposingviews.com. Founded in 1988 in Dallas, the firm has eight offices throughout the state of Texas read more

Career in the Cloud: Inside Sales Representatives

unified communications careers

Have the gift of gab and a knack for understanding technical jargon? Thinking Phone Networks is seeking qualified inside sales reps for our fast growing, enterprise business-focused Unified Communications as a Service organization in Cambridge, MA. Ideal candidates for this role will have a deep desire to help the company grow through a variety of tasks and a willingness to learn some of the leading technology in our space today.

The selected candidates will be self-motivated, with the ability to achieve reachable goals. Our powerhouse inside sales team has a great deal of responsibility and is instrumental in growing our business. Inside sales reps are brand ambassadors with a passion to succeed. In cases where we find an outstanding dynamo who does not have the required experience, we will train for this position; new graduates welcome to apply!

Your Presence is Present Enough

presenceDo you feel like you have too many different ways of communicating? Have you ever wasted time trying to get ahold of someone who wasn’t even there? It happens all the time: you reach out to a colleague who is out of the office for a few minutes, but get their voicemail. You become discouraged, and don’t even bother calling their cell phone—which is on the whole time. You waste valuable minutes trying unsuccessfully to get ahold of your colleague—even though she is available, just on a different device. Juggling communications methods and wasted time are common problems.


This all changes with UC. With presence indicators, you are able to see when your contacts are available, away, or even unavailable. Time wasted chasing down people who are out is now saved. Furthermore, with four-digit dialing, you can reach your business partners, regardless of whether they’re at their desk or out to lunch. Making communications more streamlined, efficient, and transparent is an attainable goal when you make the change.


It used to be read more

Waiting for BYOD: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts

Waiting for BYOD: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts

When the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend first appeared on the scene, many saw the strategy as reckless, disruptive, and dangerous. IT leaders fretted – “How can we secure the company network if everyone’s using their own devices? How do we ensure security and compatibility?” Better to simply forbid the use of personal devices for work and rely instead on company-issued phones.

That was then. Now, the tide is changing. More business leaders are realizing that it’s simply not realistic to ban BYOD. Employees want to use their own devices, the devices they are comfortable with. An anti-BYOD policy may work for a while, but eventually workers will grow fed up and disregard the company rules. When that happens, the true risk sets in, as employees are now accessing corporate data and networks with zero IT oversight.

Embracing BYOD in the context of a broader unified communications strategy can be safe, secure, and efficient. Workers feel liberated and more productive.

This holds true for virtually every company in every industry. Your employees want BYOD. They’re eager for it. And the longer you take, the more doubts will start to seep read more

Career in the Cloud: Business Development Manager, Midwest

unified communications careers

Thinking Phone Networks is seeking a rockstar business development manager in Chicago. Our BDMs are company ambassadors and brand champions who strive to be top of market in the UCaaS space.

Priorities include developing and executing sales objectives and strategies through the recruitment and support of third party agents and wholesale business partners; training and assisting business partners in products and services, pricing, and operational processes; prospecting aggressively to develop new business through networking, referrals, company lead generation, and cold calling; and traveling to call on existing and prospective customers with the purpose of sustaining and growing market share, promoting and selling company services, and executing in-depth sales strategies.

View the complete job description for this role and other openings on our Careers page.

UC Key for Enabling Remote Work for Government Employees

UC key for enabling remote work for government employees

It’s easy to make jokes about government inefficiency. Actually, it’s kind of hard not to. But that doesn’t mean these institutions aren’t trying to improve. In fact, government agencies are often relatively eager to embrace new technologies and strategies that can help improve their performance.

Case in point: unified communications for federal workers. As FedTech Magazine recently highlighted, agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission now leverage UC tools in order to enable their employees to work remotely, and therefore more effectively.

UC for SEC

The news source reported that SEC personnel now leverage UC in order to conduct video conferences and share documents, which is critical for enabling off-site workers to contribute to their teams.

“We have expanded telework, and for many people who work remotely, these tools are very effective,” said Pamela Dyson, deputy CIO and deputy director of the SEC’s Office of Information Technology, FedTech Magazine reported.

Beyond using UC among workers in and around Washington, D.C., the SEC also leverages UC tools to conduct training courses for employees among the agency’s 11 regional offices, Dyson told the news source.

read more

The Business Phone is Dead

Business People on the PhoneThis article originally appeared on Talkin’ Cloud on July 11, 2014.

It might seem like career suicide for an employee of a company named Thinking Phone Networks to declare that “the phone is dead,” but it’s true—the desktop business phone, at least as we have always known it, is indeed dead. It has officially fulfilled its purpose, and there is simply no use for it anymore.

Hardware manufacturers that focus on proprietary devices as a primary part of their business models need to be put on notice. Enterprise consumers may not be an organized lobby, but if they were, they would be putting out an “End of Purchase” notice by virtue of sheer lack of interest.

You may question this obituary, considering how many businesses still provide desktop phones as a part of the “standard” cubicle decor for new employees, but rest assured, the desktop phone is on its way out, and we have Apple and Google to thank for that. Ever heard of bring your own device (BYOD)? My guess is that you’re probably sick of hearing about it read more

15 Game-Changing Mobile Statistics That Every CIO Should Know

mobile stats

It’s often said that the only constant is change. Indeed, in the modern working world, this old adage is becoming more and more true. Given increasing globalization and expansion of companies, our jobs require us to be on the road more than they used to. As a result, we are being asked to carry out our work from places other than our desks. Thankfully, there are new mobile solutions in place to help us out. Here are 15 statistics about mobility that every modern CIO needs to know.

  1. 378,000 iPhones are purchased everyday. 371,000 babies are born everyday. [Tweet this]
  2. There are now more mobile devices than people in the U.S. [Tweet this]
  3. Four billion mobile phones are in use worldwide. [Tweet this]
  4. In 2014, one in four people will redeem a coupon through their mobile device. [Tweet this]
  5. Mobile web adoption is growing eight times faster than web adoption did in the 1990s and 2000s. [Tweet this]
  6. The US read more

Batman: UCaaS’s Biggest Fan

Batman's a big fan of UC

He’s the Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. The World’s Greatest Detective.

But is Batman a fan of unified communications as a service? You bet.

DND: Stalking Gotham’s Scum

The scene: Batman crouches on a rafter in an abandoned factory. He’s hidden in the shadows, an invisible force waiting for the right moment to strike.

Below, a gathering of criminal kingpins. The Penguin is there, and Two-Face and Black Mask, along with a dozen goons each. They are discussing how they’re going to divvy up the city, now that Bane’s no longer in the picture. They’re on their guard now, wary, but Batman knows that before long they’ll relax, overconfident, and that’s when he’ll swoop down with a vengeance.

Elsewhere, Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Robin, is taking an off-night and wants to know where Bruce left the remote control. He’s about to call the man himself when he notices Bruce’s presence status in Wayne Industries’ UC system: “In a meeting. Do not disturb.”

Dick knows what that means. He decides to read a book instead. In the rafters, Batman’s phone does not ring.

The next day’s edition of read more

Career in the Cloud: Marketing Manager

businessman hand show creative thinking cover book of business s

Creative? Proactive? Industrious? Thinking Phone Networks is seeking a full-time marketing manager to oversee demand generation programs including event marketing, speaking opportunities, and partner support for our channel programs. This position requires strong project management, written, and verbal communication skills, as well as a high energy level and a strong desire to make things happen.

This is an amazing opportunity with a fast growing, well funded mobile and cloud technology company. Thinking Phone Networks has more than doubled in the past year, with a newly formed marketing team working diligently to reshape the company brand and develop high-volume demand generation programs. Join us!

Read the full job description.